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Rogue Valley Callers & Cuers Assoc.

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Providing a place to promote and preserve square and round dancing!

About Us

A Mission to Preserve & Promote Square & Round dancing

The purpose of  the association is to  provide leadership and direction for the calling/cuing profession while  lending strength and direction to the square and round dance activity,  and to promote wisely all phases of the square and round dance movement as a  whole. 

Who are we?

  In  the late 1960s a group of square dance callers from the Rogue Valley  began getting together each month to listen to the latest square dance  songs and talk about the latest innovations in the activity.
  In the early 1970s the group formalized their organization and became  the Rogue Valley Callers Association. They worked thru the 1970s and  most of the 1980s for the betterment of square dancing in the local  area.  In the late 1980s, due in part to many of the members leaving the  activity, the group became inactive.
  In 1997 the organization was reactivated.  At this time round dance  cuers, the other professionals involved in square dancing, were asked to  join.  The first meeting for this group was August 30,1997.  One of  their first projects was to set up a series of student level dances to  help keep new dancers in square dancing.  Since that time the organization has continually donated time and money to help keep square & round dancing alive and well in the Rogue River Valley 



  Phil Ramey
Vice President: 

  Chuck Simpkins
Secretary & Treasurer:

  Carla Simpkins
Council Representative:

   Elaine Funk 


Bob & Dorees Dingman

Chuck & Carla Simpkins

Dean & Sherrie Black
Elaine Funk
Phil & Frances Ramey

Rikki Lobato

Richard Lane

Misha Case

Janet Gieger
Wayne & Debbi Weaver 

Contact Us

Contact Us

For inquiries about our upcoming event opportunities and dances , please send us a message. 

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Rogue Valley Callers & Cuers Assoc.

(541) 218-4604